Learn Your Virus Infection Risk

We have created this free 3-minute test to help you better prepare for the virus outbreak in your area. The test evaluates your health, lifestyle, and environmental risk factors and, based on your answers, instantly suggests personalized tips for avoiding the infection.

On top of that, our tool also gives you rough estimates on how exposed you are to highly susceptible individuals that are the most likely to transmit the disease.

The first part of this test involves assessing your health and lifestyle risks. The second part helps us to evaluate the risks associated with your daily life (contacts with other people, living and working environment).

We base our evaluation and recommendation algorithm on the publicly available data and the latest research papers from the world's leading epidemiologists. You can find the full list of these sources here.

Important notice: we don't keep your data—we store your answers in your device's temporary cookie files and automatically delete them after the test ends. The more accurate your answers, the more helpful and personalized the results will be.

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